Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hitler's Cross Café: Everyone Knows Hitler

Danny Shoup reminded me about the "Hitler's Cross" cafe in Mumbai, India, which changed its name after pressure from the ADL, German & Israeli diplomats & India's Jewish community. Puneet Sabhlok, a novice restaurateur, says he wanted a catchy café name to sell his $3 to $4 plates of crostini tonno, pear & ricotta salad and pannacotta. So he went with Hitler's Cross. He put a swastika in the logo.

"Hitler is a catchy name. Everyone knows Hitler," he explained in an interview.

The Chairman of the Indian Jewish Federation, Jonathan Solomon, told the BBC that Mr Sabhlok came to his residence for a meeting on Thursday morning & was "very apologetic". Mr Solomon said that he hoped that the restaurateur had "acted out of ignorance rather than malice". "The opening of a restaurant with such a name has shocked us & all right thinking persons around the world," he said. Remember to be "right thinking" everybody at home!

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