Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How We Celebrate Christmas by Wilhelm Beilstein

From the excellent German Propaganda Archive.

Background: The Nazis put significant efforts into de-Christianizing Christmas, focusing instead on the winter solstice. This 1939 article is from a Nazi educational monthly for the Frankfurt area. The war had been in progress for four months.The entire issue was devoted to Christmas.

How We Celebrate Christmas
by Wilhelm Beilstein

Christmas is to us Germans the most lovely and meaningful season of the year. From it, we gather inner strength and power from the eternal life force of our nature. Mother and child, family and kin are at its center. It is not limited to a day that swiftly passes, but rather it encompasses a long period of preparation and many mythic beings and customs. Despite many foreign influences, over the course of centuries it has remained an ancient German holiday, and its nature can only be understood within the territory of our people. Today, we have once again come to know the true meaning of our Christmas customs and traditions, freeing them from foreign names and influences (see the article in N.S.-Brief of December 1938). The following remarks will provide ideas and direction for organizing Christmas and Advent festivities.

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