Saturday, December 6, 2008

Secret Swastika: Punk

The Electric Eels are credited by some as being the first Punk band to use the swastika in their promotional ephemera. This flier is the place where it all happened. True? Relevant? Who cares? Punk isn't & wasn't the first time rebels, thugs or idiots wore swastikas, why i think it all started with the Nazis, but you know what? It didn't start there either.

I like this bit.
"Oversocialized leftists have long argued against negation as a tool to change the world: “Sure, you’re disrupting things,” they say, “but what’s your program?” The punk program *was* disruption. Punk codified the art of “not-niceness.” Artist Arturo Vega painted day-glo swastikas that decorated the Ramones’ apartment. He considered the paintings, “a closet Nazi detector,” exposing those who most loudly objected as repressing their own authoritarian tendencies (“I always thought that to conquer evil,” he says, “you have to make love to it”)." ~Al Giordano

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