Sunday, February 1, 2009

Not So Secret Swastika: Sid Vicious Anarchie Pour Le UK

Alot of uncomplicated, sincere types hate the Sex Pistols & especially Malcolm McLaren for his orchestration of the Sex Pistols beyond Punk & into Pop, but not so much pop music (although i'd argue that they & Punk are POP), but Pop Art in real life. You'll hear people say that real life isn't art, but they are spoiling it for everyone. The artistic concept of an English Punk invading Paris with a giant swastika t-shirt is pure gold. As we already knew, it doesn't tickle everyone's tickle bone, but it sure got mine! Packing the Great Rock&Roll Swindle with all of these Sex Pistols products was really the icing on the cake. This is the next level. This is what i want.


  1. Not sure if you would consider this a related story, but just thought you may find this interesting:

  2. Hey Jason, could you post that link again? It's cut off.


    If it don't work again, I found it under the Did Sid Viscious really kill Nancy article on a few days ago.