Sunday, March 22, 2009

Book Review: I Killed Adolf Hitler by Jason

This comic book comes up almost every time I image search for Hitler, so I knew I would eventually have to read it. I stumbled across it at the library the other day, and having just recently read a couple of Jason's other books, I decided to give it a go.

It's a good story, a bit about time travel, a bit about killing Hitler, but mostly about relationship stuff. It verges on what we call the "Portland Prozac" style of storytelling, but doesn't quite get all the way there, perhaps because Jason is Norwegian. If this book was done by an American, I probably couldn't stand it, but the stoic Scandinavian-ness works with the plot and pacing. I do like Jason's art style quite a bit: his line quality is wonderful and he makes interesting compositions, also he manages to do good anthropomorphic animals without making me think of furries.

Bottom line: I wouldn't buy it (but we are stingy bastards who won't pay more than 25 cents for a comic book) but I'm very glad my local library has a copy for me to check out and enjoy. Definitely worth reading.

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