Thursday, March 5, 2009

You're No Hitler: Bob Geldof

From Pink Floyd The Wall. I managed to not watch this movie more than 1/2 times during the appropriate years because i was over my hard rock adolescence & Johhny Rotten said, "I Hate Pink Floyd". So, we watched it fairly freshly last night & it was fantastic. Fantastic i tell you. Even with Bob Geldof! Anyhow, interesting cross-over trivia is that America's #1 neo-Nazi skinhead gang was the HammerSkins, taking their name & logo from The Wall. Pretty interesting & science-fictiony if you ask me. Speaking of which, i thought i'd give out my opinion on neo-nazis in general, because i'm sure you're dying to know.
1. Hitler & the Nazis lost the war, despite what certain people might have you think. So, the Nazis & the swastika are metaphorically & symbolically "losers". Hitler even used this loser mentality to whip the Germans into a frenzy with his album "My War", i mean, his book "Mein Kampf". So, Neo-Nazis tend to be losers.
2. Neo-Nazis play the role of Al Qaeda for the far-left & Jewish nationalist groups. They are a great invisible enemy which they must secure society from. If you're like me, you don't believe that either are a "great threat", despite some symbolic terrorizing. American Jews, Gays, non-Whites & far-leftists are more likely to be hit by a car, die in an airplane crash, choke on a chicken bone & be struck by lightning than be attacked by Neo-Nazis.
3. As losers, Neo-Nazis just want to be loved & to have more friends, but they do not know how to go about doing it. Their parents were probably abusive. As one of them said, “I can`t help but feel that we are our worst enemies at times." Their political aims are not the products of clear-thinking or effective strategizing, they are chip on the shoulder blame politics & self-destructive acts of total fuck-ups.
4. Hating Neo-Nazis is like hating a bully, it's what wimps & ninnies do. The power of the bully comes from their simple manipulation of mentally weak individuals*. The bully only exists because there is an opening for the bully.
5. The psychological terror of the Neo-Nazis does not come from the Neo-Nazis themselves, but from the way that the media has consistently given them plenty of air-time & page space, slanted to make them appear more dangerous & scary than they actually are. As far as i am concerned, they might as well not exist, having only numbered in the low thousands at any given time, but they've served well to create a more restrictive society with new concepts like "Hate Speech" & "Hate Crime".
6. If i am ever thrown in jail with racially hostile gangs, you never know what might happen.

* Unfortunately, our society seems to be made up mostly of mentally weak individuals, so you do the math.


  1. I have to admit, I don't think I've ever met a neo-Nazi. I did once see a slack-jawed yokel with a Hitler tatto, but that was it. Otherwise, all of my neo-nazi exposure does come from the tv!

  2. That's crazy dude. I don't know how you haven't... maybe it's that you haven't looked like a Nazi Skin for most of your life... i've had dudes coming up to me since i shaved my head & donned my first pair of combat boots when i was 15. "Hey Brother."