Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! Operation Easter Egg

German Plan For Sabotage Depots from the Lone Sentry read the whole thing here!
Only the overwhelming speed of the Allied drive through France foiled a German plan for extensive behind-the-lines sabotage. This "Operation Easter Egg" again illustrates the necessity for even the rearmost troops of an advancing army to remain on the alert.
In 1943 the imaginative German Intelligence Service concocted Operation Easter Egg (Ostereiaktion), an undertaking designed to establish small hidden depots of explosives and incendiaries in numerous caches strategically located in France, Holland, Belgium, and Western Germany.[1] The German Intelligence Service intended to utilize these depots to supply German agents and native traitors. The mission of these saboteurs was to disrupt Allied rear communications after a German Army withdrawal from an area, thus aiding the German forces to recapture the lost territory.

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