Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Hitler & His mother Klara with the Mutterkreuz. "Here is what is considered the most beautiful of German medals. The Mother’s Cross that was given to recognize and honor this the most important office of the Fatherland, (The Mother). Adolf Hitler instituted this on 16 December 1938. This is the first-class award that was presented for bearing eight or more children. Unlike the two lower classes, this award in gold (gilted) was presented in a hard presentation case. The award was worn suspended from a neck ribbon. It should be noted that this design is the Christian cross. The back of the cross has the words “16 Dec 1938,” and Hitler’s facsimile signature. The front says” “Der Deutschen Mutter (“The German Mother”). Several companies manufactured these medals. This one is by the famous firm of Wilhelm Daumer in Lüdensheid. It is in fine condition with a little scuffing to the case. These continue to be more and more scarce with case." from Germania International.

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