Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hitler in the News: Hitler Selling Tea

Hitler look-alike fronts new tea advert
from UTALK
An Adolf Hitler look-alike has being used to front a controversial new campaign to promote an anti-stress tea. The press ad for Rasayana Tea features the dictator in full uniform wearing a nazi armband and iron cross medal. But look closely. On his uniform beside the medals is also pinned a yellow smiley face badge. The work from the Art Grup advertising agency in Istanbul, Turkey, carries the strapline, “Make peace with the world. Anti-stress tea from Rasayana.” The reasoning being that if you drink this Turkish tea you’ll be less inclined to try and take over the world, create the 1,000 year Third Reich and gas millions of Jews. Other executions from the campaign feature the Hitler look-alike chillling out in a Hawaiian shirt, accessorised with a nazi armband. Reactions to the work, posted on, unsurprisingly have been mixed with demands that the images be removed from the site. DarrenT slammed the advert saying it had, “no intelligent concept, no consumer appeal, no brand equity, no visual appeal.” Warreno, added, “This whole campaign is just really, really tasteless.

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