Saturday, May 16, 2009

"The Producers" Plays In Germany for the First Time!

"We're marching to a faster pace. Look out, here comes the master race!"
From Deutsche Welle. THEATER 05-16-2009
Can Hitler be a hit? Musical "The Producers" takes the stage in Berlin
They sing, they dance, they conquer France! Stormtroopers and a simpering, silly Hitler take the stage in the Berlin production of musical comedy "The Producers". Is Germany ready to laugh at its own taboos? The production is now on stage in Berlin. Titus Hoffmann, resident director at the Admiralspalast for the production of "The Producers", calls the show a love letter to show business, including an entertainment culture that once thrived in the German capital. "There was a huge cabaret scene, lots of satirical, ironic, funny people, that were killed in the Third Reich then, or they had to leave and they went to America and a lot of those people went to New York and worked on Broadway. "And somehow, it feels a bit like it's a return, and it brings the humor back to the country, which is so great. Because apart from all the awful and terrible things that happened through Hitler, what still is lacking a little in Germany is good humor." So far, not everyone here is getting the joke. Local papers have described the show as "risky" and even the production's advertising has caused a fuss. It's illegal to portray the swastika publicly in Germany, so the casually reclining Hitler in poster ads for the play wears an armband displaying a pretzel. Banners showing the doughy treat in black on a red and white banner have been hanging in the theatre courtyard for months. They've garnered double-takes from passersby, and a few complaints to the police. The storm troopers wear the real thing when they take the stage, though, due to a theatrical exception.

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