Friday, June 5, 2009

Hitler In the Comics: Hate Monger

The Hate-Monger was a clone of Adolf Hitler. Years after the death of the original at the hands of the original Human Torch, Hitler's scientists created clones into which Hitler transferred his consciousness. In one such clone, disguised as the Hate-Monger, Hitler used a Nazi-designed Hate Ray to spread mindless hatred around the world. His first major attack was in the small southern country of San Gusto, where he bombarded the people with his ray, turning the country against itself. The United States had already spent billions trying to turn San Gusto into a show place of democracy, but after the Hate-Monger’s influence the country fell apart. Nick Fury, as a CIA operative, traveled to New York to enlist the help of the Fantastic Four to re-stabilize the country.

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