Sunday, July 26, 2009

You're No Hitler: George W. Bush

By now, you're probably aware that George W. Bush is no Hitler. Hopefully you understand that comparisons of politicians to Hitler are cheap scare tactics designed to polarize the partisans into blind acceptance of their party line. Given that we are now well into the Obama administration & things feel remarkably similar, if not worse than under the Bush administration, but still remarkably un-Hitler like, i hope this wonderful selection of Bush as Hitlerisms will remind you of the foolishness of partisan hysteria.
The sub-skinner Gallery of Bush=Hitler Allusions.


  1. What are you stupid? The Bush family is no different then Hitler! That's why America is a fascist state! Are you blind? Don't you ever see the EPD goosestepping at the orders of their Nazi, Scottish gnomes...wait a sec?

    Yeah, your right, George W. Bush is no Hitler!

  2. Have you ever compared Hitler quotes with GW quotes? It's disturbing how similar they are... You clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

    PS- Do you honestly think things are worse now with Obama in office? That is ridiculous.

  3. Thanks for your comment.
    1. Yes. Most politicians say similar things because most public wants to hear certain words from their leader's mouths. Not unlike how most mothers & fathers say similar things to their children.
    2. You obviously have no idea what YOU are talking about. Bush was no Hitler, Obama is no Hitler. Period. The end.
    3. Things ARE worse under Obama, not directly because of him, but yes, things are indeed worse. It's not blame, it's reality.
    4. You are ridiculous.