Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Clucking of Morons.

Apparently a new Castle Wolfenstein game came out. We were alerted to this not by a press release & promo-copy from Activision, which we should have been, but instead, by the clucking of morons on a "Mommy Blog" by Jessica Gottlieb. In a gloriously Pavlovian response to the game, Gottlieb cranks up the air-raid sirens, rings the church bells (or is it temple bells?) & alerts her flock to a new, dangerous threat to their community. She seems to think that Wolfenstein is some sort of White Power video game designed to upset the Jews! Her blog is titled, "Activision Corners the White Pride Market". What's particularly wonderful is that Activision is currently under Jewish CEO Jean-Bernard Lévy.
It's a great blog post in terms of exhibiting the programmed response to Nazis, swastikas & Hitler that this blog is a response to.
"I cannot remember the last time I was this deeply wounded.
Activision sent the child of a Holocaust Survivor swastikas in the mail.
I shall not soon forget."
One day there will be a Jessica Gottlieb "I got Wolfenstein in the mail" museum for us to take field-trips to in order that we too "shall not soon forget".
The other classic part of her piece is the beginning where she says that her name, "Gottlieb" is a Jewish name.


  1. I don't like that kind of person,
    it seems like she didn't really played it.
    But i have to say, it's sort of stupid sending an old jewish lady who blogs about parenting a WWII frag-fest. :D

    But it's utterly stupid to judge and write about something because of the box it's in,
    but shows the small mind of that person.
    I can respect it if someone is a bit more sensible,
    especially in the jewish community,
    but this is just wrong.

    But thanks for informing us about this.

  2. To me it is a glorious example of the unthinking mass morality that is so common in the world. The hens clucking at the fox, even if it is a cardboard fox.