Friday, August 28, 2009

Hitler's Favorite Painters

From Uncle Eddie's Theory Corner by Eddie Fitzgerald
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I'm always curious to know the favorite media of famous people, what they watch or read for their own pleasure when they're off the time clock. I know Stalin was partial to John Wayne films, and Maria Callas liked to read Archie comics. Ayn Rand read detective stories. What, I wondered did Hitler prefer when he was sitting around in his pajamas, just passing the time? Well, I don't know what he read, but thanks to an article in Arts and Letters Daily I do know what art he collected and enjoyed. Hitler's favorite artist was a Swiss landscape painter named Arnold Boklin. That's his most famous painting above, "The Isle of the Dead."

Hitler owned one of the five versions of the picture, and displayed it prominently near the fireplace (above) of his home.
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