Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Punk & the Swastika: London Punk 1977

I always wonder what point it actually serves to compare things to Hitler & Nazi Germany. For myself, when i was younger & accepted the idea that America was no better morally than Nazi Germany, to philosophically work myself out of that hole & love my country, i had to accept Nazi Germany as well. Today, i accept that Nazi Germany is a taboo interest, even if it is a very common one. It is more taboo today than it was when i was a kid, & much more taboo than in the 50s & 60s. I'm trying to figure that one out as well, i've got some theories involving Communists, but i'll leave that for later.

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  1. nazi germany is a taboo here in germany itself I think this is the only country where swastikas are forbidden and people get all pissed if you mention anything in public.but still there are hours and hours of documentaries on nazis everyday on german tv.stupid