Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nimbus Libéré

Finally a Nazi propaganda cartoon! Nimbus Libéré, 1943

"A strange film entitled Nimbus Libéré (1943). Produced by Nazi Germany for occupied Vichy France, the opening credits of Libéré credit the film to a comic artist named Cal. It opens on what appears to be a peaceful evening in Nazi-occupied France. A man is at home listening to the radio with his family to discover that France will be liberated (the radio message is read by an overtly offensive caricature of a Jewish man from London). Meanwhile, the United States - represented by such familiar faces as Goofy, Felix the Cat, Mickey Mouse, Popeye, and Donald Duck - fly over and bomb the France they are supposedly "liberating." The film ends on a morbid note after the man's house is bombed. The radio continues to speak as the angel of death flies over to turn it off and laughs manically."

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  1. Popeye's jug of "wisky" in the plane is awesome!