Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pérák a SS

Pérák a SS, Czechoslovakia 1945

"The Springman and the SS (1945, Pérák a SS in Czech). Completed by Jiri Trnka, after the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, the film opens in downtown Prague as a parade of SS soldiers march the streets, holding the Nazi flag, and singing a German nationalist hymn. As they walk by, a Machiavellian Nazi official reports suspicious behavior in everyday Czechoslovak life. He summons his SS men and they go through the town arresting anyone who seems even the least bit suspicious. They arrest a canary who chirps "Yankee Doodle", a cat imitating the SS march, and an old man who is Cossack dancing but slipping on banana peels. They move on to a tool stand that features a hammer, pliers, and a sickle. Obviously, the SS chief puts both the hammer and sickle together, believing that it's the symbol of the Soviet Union."

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