Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Laibach: Life is Life.

Laibach is a Slovenian musical group begun in 1980 that explores European Totalitarian themes, alot of them come off as kitsch. A part of this is definitely Nazploitation, but there is alot of Comsploitation as well, as they are both totalitarian systems. Apparently Slovenia has had a complicated relationship with Germany & even the group's name "Laibach" reflects this as it is the German name of Slovenia's capital Ljubljana. Laibach comes across as an enormous conceptual art project, with all sorts of elements like the Laibach Covenant.
1. LAIBACH works as a team (the collective spirit), according to the principle of industrial production and totalitarianism, which means that the individual does not speak; the organization does. Our work is industrial, our language political.

2. LAIBACH analyzes the relation between ideology and culture in a late phase, presented through art. LAIBACH sublimates the tension between them and the existing disharmonies (social unrest, individual frustrations, ideological oppositions) and thus eliminates every direct ideological and systemic discursiveness. The very name and the emblem are visible materializations of the idea on the level of a cognitive symbol. The name LAIBACH is a suggestion of the actual possibility of establishing a politicized (system) ideological art because of the influence of politics and ideology.

In 1984, Laibach created the NSK (Neue Slowenische Kunst), as a non-physical state engine of which Laibach was to become a part. Laibach also produces fantastic videos.


  1. Never thought you'd make an article about Laibach.

    Also interesting to hear is their cover of Queen's One Vision. It's chilling.

  2. That song plus the video is amazing. Also, to just hear the overt totalitarianism in the Queen song, redone to emphasize the lyrics is totally nuts.

  3. The NSK formed in '84 was the art group (Neue Slowenische Kunst). The state thing only started a decade later.