Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mighty Mouse: Day of the Mice

Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Mouse was just released on DVD after years of being comercially unavailable. The show launched the career of John Kricfalusi & a bunch of other cartoonists who would go on to redefine the cartoon business.
In the episode "Day of the Mice", Mighty Mouse is forced into retirement by a fascist regime which destroys the cat's hold on Mouseville thereby eliminating the need of a "superhero". Mighty Mouse becomes a fat slob who spends his days eating kid's cereal while watching television until he is called on by the cats to restore the old order. Desperate to get his job back, Mighty Mouse also discovers that the regime is actually run by Petey Pate, the bald nebbish villain. Might Mouse unmasks Petey and gives a speech reminiscent of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, somehow convincing the mice that they should return to having the cats dominate them.

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