Sunday, February 7, 2010

Degenerate Art: Max Papeschi

From his website. "After an experience as author and director for theatre, TV and cinema, Max Papeschi starts with digital art. As figurative artist his approach with Art-World was an immediate success among critics and public. His Politically-Incorrect pop cites the American Life and reveals in an ironically realistic way all the horror of his lifestyle. From the Nazi-Mickey Mouse to the Ronald McDonald Butcher the cult icons lose their reassuring effect and shift into a collective nightmare."

This kind of art has been being done since Dada, so that's almost a hundred years. In the USA this picked up in the late 70s, but you can find it in every decade as soon as mass media existed. What i'm wondering is, is who are the people who see the USA as represented by Ronald McDonald & Mickey Mouse & don't know anything about how things operate, & how do they keep the bag on top of their head for so long as to make this kind of work have any actual "impact" as it is probably intended. For myself, i've been conscious of this kind of art & social commentary since i became conscious of media at all. So Mickey Mouse & Ronald McDonald & John Wayne were demonized from the get go, representing Hitler & whoever out of the gate. When i meet people who actually believe in this commentary as a way of motivating political interests, the stench of Pollyanna-ism is almost overwhelming. This isn't to say that i don't like this work, because Mickey Mouse as an SS officer is good fun & would make a great cartoon in itself.

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  1. I wonder sometimes if these American icons like Mickey and Ronald are more powerful in other places compared to the USA. Neither one has had much significance in my life at all really, and certainly doesn't define America well at all.

    Though Mickey-as-America does make a convenient straw man for Europeans who want something to complain about. And really, nothing is more galling than a European complaining about imperialism. I like "stench of Pollyannaism", I'll have to remember that one.

    I like the art, though, the SS Mickey is pretty tight!