Thursday, February 25, 2010


vegzetes joreggelt
Thanks to Danny Shoup for alerting me to this one.
Something has changed in the presentation of information & the way we approach information, you can call it META MEME RECOMBINANT ASSAULT BLIP BLOOP, but whatever it is, eating vomit & then vomiting it back out again & then eating it again & then vomiting it out again, i think it's FOR THE GOOD. Cave dwellers like Osama bin Laden might yearn for the days when there was no META MEME VOMIT STREMES & they could listen to Bikini Kill & feel the naive simplicity of their limited brain functions as they cast judgment upon the world, but in the NOW OF TODAY, 2010 EXTREME VOMIT STREME OF RAINBOW PIXEL SHNIXEL, it is better to WAX UP YOUR BOOGIE BRAIN, JUMP ON THAT FUCKIN' WAVE OF VOMIT & RIDE THE SHIT OUT OF IT.

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