Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TMNT Adventures #64

I decided to find more information about that Raphael punching Hitler picture i posted on monday. Apparently, it's from TMNT Adventures #64. Here's a synopsis from their website about the "important" bits. "Back in the past, we discover that the brain that was attached to the Time-Slip Generator is none other than Adolf Hitler's. It has somehow managed to create a robotic body for itself and is searching the ruins of Berlin for its former self. Soon after the Hitler robot has killed a member of the resistance and moved off, Raph, Leo and Don arrive. They discover the body just as more men arrive. Thinking that the Turtles killed their friend, the fighters open fire. The Turtles escape, but run headlong into a group of Nazis, who are lead by Adolf Hitler. The Turtles dive for cover as the Nazis open fire. The Hitler Bot arrives and attacks Don, but it's caught in the crossfire and the bubble protecting it is shattered. Adolf rushes to retrieve his brain, but Raph confronts him and knocks him cold. The Turtle picks up the brain and the three mutants head back to where the Time-Slip Generator is set to open a portal. As they wait for the passage to open, Hitler arrives and holds a pistol on our heroes. Leo convinces the maniacal dictator that the Turtles are demons and that Hitler is in Hell. Hitler asks if they've come for his soul and Leonardo replies that they already have his soul, they've come for his brain. Hitler holds the pistol to his head and states that they can't have his brain, and then pulls the trigger."

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