Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Controversial Hitler/Abortion Billboard Goes Up

In this case, Hitler isn't being "used" to describe abortion as a holocaust of the unborn, the historical fact that Hitler brought abortion to the largely Catholic Poland is being presented to make a point. Interestingly enough, i was just listening to the reverend behind Black on Alex Jones yesterday talking about how the American abortion industry disproportionately serves the Black population to the point that 52% of all American Black babies are aborted. He also talked about how Planned Parenthood places their facilities into Black neighborhoods. It should be noted that Hitler was very inspired by the American Eugenics Movement.
By Jill Stanek of Opposing Views

5:51a: I reported February 12 that the Polish arm of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform was pursuing an opportunity to display a huge 74 ft x 32 ft billboard alerting some and reminding others that it was Adolf Hitler who brought abortion to Poland.

The location of the billboard was undisclosed pending approval, to keep pro-aborts from stopping it.

I'm happy to report the billboard went up last night, and it is in the center of Posnan, Poland's 5th largest city. According to Wikipedia, "Posnan is an important centre of trade, industry, and education, and hosts regular international trade fairs. It was the host city for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December 2008...."

Polish pro-lifers erected the Hitler billboard to coincide with the March 8 celebration of International Women's Day, when Polish feminists organize marches and demand abortion without limits. This billboard will certainly stymie that hoopla. The billboard is located on a major thoroughfare. I can't imagine the billboard going up in America, where MSM consistently censors the truth about abortion. In fact, a pro-family group in Chicago, where the 2nd largest Polish metropolitan population resides next to Warsaw, has thus far been unable to locate a billboard company willing to run an English version. Kudos to Polish pro-lifers.


  1. Ha, so much for "This blog is not political or even moral".

  2. Doesn't mean we don't reprint political or moral tinged pieces, but this was notable because it was using Hitler in advertising. If you notice, i do not promote a view-point with my initial commentary, but am just mentioning facts. Their piece is definitely slanted, but i don't edit pieces.

  3. Okay, I stand corrected... I guess.

  4. The reprinted piece is political, just like the anti-Hitler towel is political, neither of which are this blog's point, which is to share Hitler related pop culture.