Sunday, March 14, 2010


It was in this quiet Bavarian Waffle Haus where Kaiser von Pfannkuchen toiled over fresh-pressed waffles and planned his strategy for world domination. Within a few short years syrup would rein down from the skies over Europe, Belgium would lose it's stranglehold in waffle dominance, and the sign of the crooked grid cake would leave a devastating path of destruction in its wake.

This website documents and chronicles the rise and fall of the Luftwaffle in all it's rich and buttery history: from the early Waffle Haus Putsch in Bavaria, to it's collapse and bitter-sweet defeat 12 years later, when the last drops of syrup were spilled on the streets of Berlin.

More Waffle Hilarity here, thanks to Danny Shoup for the heads up! I really wish there was a place where i could get a luftwaffle now. Maybe i'll make some for the family.

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  1. Kaiser von Pfannkuchen! Haha, I hope I'm not the only one who caught that...