Monday, April 12, 2010

Peace & Harmony Pizza

The text accompanying this pizza is almost too hilarious for me to handle.
"When my grandpa was stuck in Poland while serving as a cook in the German Army during World War Two, he would come up with all these new neat ideas for meals with using only limited ingredients. There was a lot of Kielbasa Sausage around that the soldiers would steal from the Polish Butchers. The soldiers also had a lot of smoked Pepperoni that Hitler got from Mussolini. So, with these limited ingredients, and cheese and flour taken at gunpoint from area farms, my grandpa would come up with these great masterpieces. Well anyway, my wonderful grandpa gave me this recipe for Peace and Harmony Pizza. My parents used to make this pizza for me when I was a kid for my birthday parties, but for some weird reason, my friends stopped coming to my birthday parties. I bet it was because they were just jealous that they could not make pizza as good as this. "

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