Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Peace & Harmony Breakfast Pizza

Some more hilarity from "Wasted in the Keys". Yah dude, give up your day job & start doing comedy! Although this is funnier when people don't get it.
"I ate and made the awesome Peace and Harmony Breakfast Pizza that my grandpa used to make when he was a cook in the German Army during World War Two. When my grandpa was stuck in Belarus while serving as a cook in the German Army during World War Two, he would come up with all these neat new ideas for meals with using only limited ingredients. There were a lot of potato farmers in Belarus for the soldiers to steal from, so the soldiers would take potatoes, flour, eggs, cheese, and bacon from their farms. My grandpa would turn the potatoes into hashbrowns and use the leftovers for this Peace and Harmony Breakfast Pizza. My grandpa would mix the eggs in a M1940 Stahlhelm and pour it on the pizza dough and then put the rest of the ingredients on top of the eggs. This Peace and Harmony Breakfast Pizza became a favorite of the Wehrmacht and Heinrich Himmler."

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