Sunday, August 22, 2010

"No Al Fascismo!" Bush/Hitler Sign in Cuba 2003

Cuban billboard comparing Bush to Hitler. I thought the whole anti-Hitler trope was motivated largely by Communists using their #1 bogeyman as a constant specter for political motivation, but the American right, or what calls itself right has compared Obama to Hitler over & over again, using the concept of "socialism" as the connective tissue between Obama & Der Fuehrer. As we say, Bush & Obama are no Hitler, on any level imaginable, outside of being public figures. I do have theories about how the servile nationalism & servile born-again Christianism tend towards a Communist feeling coming from the right, & most of their leaders are former Trotskyites, possibly constructing the world's largest dialectical conflict in the USA in order to bring about a Communist revolution (maybe?), but either way, who knows what the hell is going on?

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