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Italy revives Mussolini's 'Blackshirt' vigilantes as fears of Fascism sparks investigation

From the Daily Mail, June 15th 2009
An investigation has been launched after a new Italian vigilante group unveiled a uniform that brought back echoes of the dark days of Fascism. The Italian National Guard is one of many vigilante groups that will be sanctioned to start anti-crime foot patrols once a controversial security bill has been passed. But the group became the centre of a political storm when it emerged that their kit bears a striking resemblance to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini's notorious Blackshirt volunteer militia.

Prosecutors immediately opened an investigation into the group because of the similarity to the black and brown Fascist uniforms worn during the 1930's by sympathisers in Italy and Germany.
The new law, which is expected to pass easily in the Senate this week, allows vigilantes to alert police to public order offences or suspected criminals, but do not have the power of arrest. These groups have sprung up in several Italian cities, especially in the northern strongholds of the right wing, anti-immigrant Northern League. But controversy was sparked when the Italian National Guard revealed its uniform in Milan at the weekend. Members will wear a khaki shirt, black cap featuring a rampant eagle insignia, 18 hole leather boots, Latin motto and armbands bearing a black sunwheel very similar to a Nazi swastika.

A source at the prosecutor's office in Milan where the inquiry was opened said: 'Many of the symbols on the uniforms such as the Latin insignia and the eagles look very Fascist inspired and so it warrants investigation.' But it hasn't hindered the growth of the Italian National Guard, which claims to already have 2,500 recruits, many of them drawn from the police and Armed Forces. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, whose centre right wing coalition was elected on a tough law and order campaign, has insisted that vigilante groups, such as the Italian National Guard, would be simple 'citizen patrols'. The group is based in Turin, but has offices in the south of Italy in Puglia and Calabria as well as on the island of Sicily. Many Italians blame the country's growing crime rate on illegal immigrants and especially Romany gypsies and see the 'ronde' or vigilante patrols as a necessary course of action. Marco Minniti, from the opposition centre left, described the situation as 'disconcerting delirium'. 'Entrusting the security of the country to political groups like this is a blow to the very heart of democracy,' he said. Other opposition MP's called for the government to change the law and outlaw the vigilante groups as a result of the Fascist overtones. But Interior Minister Roberto Maroni has given them his backing. 'Let's call them vigilante groups - if that's what we want,' Mr Maroni said. 'We have been accused of wanting to return to the era of the Blackshirts but we are simply giving the people a chance to participate in their security.' Maurizio Monti, vice president of the Italian National Guard, said: 'We are a properly resgistered group and we will continue until someone can prove that we have broken a crime. 'The imperial eagle has been a symbol since the Roman times and so it's absurd to say it has anything to do with Fascism - if that is the case then all the monuments of Rome bearing the eagle should be pulled down. 'The Italian National Guard is nothing to do with Fascism - Fascism has been confined to history.' The bill will also make illegal immigration a criminal offence, will extend to six months the period immigrants and would-be asylum seekers can be kept in detention centers and sets a maximum three-year jail term for landlords who rent to illegal immigrants. The Blackshirts were Fascist paramilitaries created by Mussolini and also inspired the British Union of Fascists led Sir Oswald Mosley. Their methods became harsher as Mussolini's power grew, using violence, torture, gang rape, intimidation, and murder against political opponents - one of their distinctive techniques was force-feeding castor oil.

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Swastika hair cut at New Year's Eve San Francisco, 1981

This French girl's haircut and pose has made a very popular picture. The image title, the symbol, the historical reference is fascinating to many. Let me tell you now, I feel sad for Nazis, Fascists, White Supremacists, Fundamentalist and all who misguidedly associate themselves with the type of social pathology that the Swastika, in our modern world, represents. By doing so, they doing a disservice to intelligence, civilization and universal life. I oppose the illusion of differing races. I abhor any type of Nationalism, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, religious exclusivity or authoritarianism. I delight in the multi-cultural experience I've gained through living in California and New York and through my travels. I've benefited greatly from my curiosity which has lead me to discover the cultures of the world through people I have befriended.
When I was a Punkrock Radio DJ in the late '70s and was able to participate in punk shows and enjoy the friendship of younger punkrockers, I met some who used the ancient Indian broken-cross symbol as appropriated and called "swastika" by Hitler. I understood the kids' use of the symbol to be an rebellious act, primarily aimed at alarming the mainstream culture. Generally, it seemed punkrockers had little historical perspective and I did not think their use was political. I thought their use would redefine the symbol's meaning for future generations. I was naive and mistaken about this.
At that time and since, many goof-ball leaders continued to gather followers through misusing this ancient and beautiful symbol, embracing the deployable racial-political ideas of German Nazis.
The picture was taken at a Rat Productions' New Year's Eve show in 10th Street Hall, San Francisco, ringing in the new year of 1981. The bands included Johnny Genocide's "No Alternative" who played in front of a wall-size Confederate flag. The girl with the hair cut was small, French and arrived late. All attention was on her entrance, the spectacle of her head design parted the awestruck crowd. She found a group of friends, who surrounded her, exclaiming, in French, their amazement and admiration for the newly created doo. It was a spectacular hair design, the scalp shaved, leaving short hair in the swastika shape dyed in square patches of orange and black, outlined with white makeup on the scalp. We all had our breath taken away.
I correctly recognized that her head was the most iconic visual of the evening. After an hour, as she passed near me on her way out, I pulled out my pocket camera, asked her, in English, for permission to photograph her. She sighed in exasperation, took a step back, brought her hand to her mouth, tilted down her head into the pose you see here. After the one shot, she continued out.
Despite the symbol's association with appalling social attitudes, disastrous politics and despicable genocidal fantasies, this picture of a hair design, a small girl's pose has remained my favorite image from my days as a punkrock photographer
photo & writing by Steve Harlow

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Nazi Squid by Rather Good

I think this blog is a bit like an entrance into the future, if you "get it" you're ready for what today is all about, if you don't, you're going to be left behind.

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Nazi bikers by William Gedney

Nazi bikers and motorcyle, New York-- taken 1967.

Found here (more images at link!).

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Charles Barkley says what we're all thinking about Michael Jordan's mustache

"I have got to admit when I saw that commercial I had to take a double take... That is one of the stupidest things that I have seen in a long time. First of all, I can't believe that they let that commercial get on the air like that. I mean in making commercials, they have got little ladies there making sure the cheese is right. When I am shooting the Taco Bell commercial they have got this little woman making sure that every cinnamon twist and every piece of cheese is in order and now they let my man get on TV with that terrible mustache. I was totally in shock and just, I just can't believe that. That is really not good at all." ~Charles Barkley
thanks to Chris for the heads up!

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Don Bolles as Charles Manson

I found this shot on Don Bolles' MYSPACE page. Don Bolles was the drummer for the GERMS & has been doing all kinds of music since them days. My brother Dan reports that his new band with Nora Keys "Fancy Space People" is fuckin' awesome dude.

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Hitlerhoff & the Ethics of Representing Hitler in Popular Culture

Hitler, Hoff match made
(by Annika Priest, entertainment editor of the Melbourne Leader, Wednesday 17 September, 2008)
If Hitler could squeeze into David Hasselhoff’s speedos, how would he be? An inflammatory proposal explored in the play called Hitlerhoff, is marching in to create a potential Fuhrer [sic] during this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival. Creative producer Tom Doig said he believes the miscreant Nazi leader and the ironically cool pop culture icon have much in common. “They’re both huge in Germany,” said Doig, whose supervisor warned him off the idea for his Masters in creative writing at Melbourne University. “They were both popular but know no one will admit they like them. They both have huge egos, not necessarily that much talent but lots of willpower.” Under the sub-heading “Two wrongs don’t make a Reich”, the show finds the modern Frankenstein hanging out with lefty hippies at Vienna Beach. Following a nervous breakdown he becomes an instant overnight celebrity and super powerful revolutionary figure. Hitlerhoff is potentially offensive, admits Doig. Doig said that although he understands that the Holocaust is very much a sensitive issue, Hitler should not be beyond the reaches of satire.
Bizarre subject in for satire
“I think it’s saying something quite profound about culture, I don’t want it all to get lost in this guy with a cheeseburger down his speedos. “I want it to be a crazy image that makes people think about the heart of darkness within popular culture. “It’s the kind of culture where you’re encouraged to put yourself first and believe in yourself no matter what. “It’s that quite banal, self-help motivational talk which is totally central to the success of Hitler and the horror it generated, and Hasselhoff and the tackiness it generated.” Melbourne Fringe Festival advised Doig against incorporating a swastika into his show promos because the neo-Nazi overtones might affect the show’s appeal. “Whilst we acknowledge it’s an area that will be potentially controversial and potentially confronting for some, our festival is about cutting-edge arts where you are going to get a sophisticated dissection of these sorts of areas,” Fringe creative producer Emily Sexton said. According to Doig, perfomer Tobias Manderson-Galvin – who plays Hitlerhoff – was a “98-pound weakling” who was “not the exercising kind”, but with particular enthusiasm for the role he has been carbo-loading, going to the gym and using a personal trainer. “I really hope I haven’t created a monster,” Doig said. “If I have I’m not the first.”

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Secret Swastika: buffalo edition

Antique flannel with swastika and Native American images for good luck.

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SHOCK: Michael Jackson Fan of Hitler, Nazis

A video distributer who supplied Michael Jackson with his home entertainment in the form of VHS movies is revealing what was on MJ’s daily movie menu. Some of Michael’s viewing pleasures included Judy Garland TV Specials and dramas depicting troubled male youths, those selections may not surprise most, however what is surprising is MJ’s lust for Nazi documentaries. Some of the Hitler fun romps included titles such as “Hitler’s Children,” “Nazis — Of Pure Blood” and “Oasis of the Zombies”
In the 1990s Norman Scherer owned the video sales company that landed an account to fill big orders for a “famous” client. The middle-man in the deal demanded Scherer be discreet. Scott Schaffer, who was Jackson’s personal assistant and the one in charge of locating the video tapes confirmed the client was Jackson, “He had a really good collection,” Schaffer told The NY Post, “I knew what [Jackson] wanted.”

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I have just discovered the mystery of Hitlerhoff. from a blog called "Two Wrongs Don't Make A Reich". On a superficial overview of the blog, Hitlerhoff appears to be theatre piece combining German sensations David Hassellhoff & Hitler by Tom Doig. Fascinating stuff for sure, when i have more time i will explore this more thoroughly.