Friday, September 10, 2010

Hitler egg

Brilliant ad campaign... there's a Kim Jong Il one, too!


  1. I believe that the Egg Hitler is likely a snide slanderous smear thought up by Robert Greene of the Rubbish men comedy trio.
    Robert Greene grew up with the Ghost Writer, and when the political event happened he was only too happy to sell out his friend to get in with the celebrity click and tell them distorted stories of their past growing up together. Of course with all the facts completely distorted and twisted, if you gave Robert a lie detector test you would soon realize that pretty much everything he says is a lie or the stories are true but he has portrayed himself as the hero and the Ghost Writer as the nasty lying thieving bull shit stirrer who would do anything to be popular and who uses people to manipulate all the people around him to achieve his own objectives in the same way Charles Manson did in the 60s but without the LSD and sex with foxy young women.

  2. That's the power of jealousy for you, ironically, the Ghost Writer never wanted to be a celebrity, but at the same time he didn't want his music to be stolen, his design for the single channel mixing console to be stolen and his Judo Illustrator Vector pictures to be stolen. His main aim in life was to start a small recording studio (he has a BA degree in Sound Technology from Paul McCartney's Liverpool's Institute of Performing Arts) which would be run on a non-profit basis to provide local professional level facilities and access to an aspiring professional level music producer for low cost if not free. All to help those who don't come from a wealthy background and who dont have a rich mummy and daddy who will throw money at them to play rock/pop star or celebrity actor.