Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kentucky Fried Jews

"Der Fuhrer?! He the man!"


  1. This is again another reference to Gordon Browns Ghost Writer of the economic crisis and the run up to the 2010 UK political election.
    Why? Because of misinformation smearing someone who isn't a nazi into looking like one so that A> no one has to pay him, B>famous people can steal from and slander him in their money spinning products so that they can make themselves more millions. C> to scape goat so the real fuckwits get their lives and careers saved. D>because the world loves to hate someone, why not the guy who saved the world, after all, as famous celebrity Eddie Izzard put it, "he's a nobody", so instead of thanking him, lets all take credit for all that he had done to help us, then steal any thing that he has worth nicking and hopefully he will kill himself or one of our satanic nazi friends will kill him during one of our black magick rituals. That's what kind of world we live in folks... and you thought the Ghost Writer was the nazi, funny to find out that you were the nazi all along. Although your terms change, from Nigger to Pig face, Pig Nose, Fat, Ugly, Dog, Grass, etc. etc. The real Hitlers would laugh his cock off to see all of you doing the devils work for him. all that Black Magick. hey Lily. Not a nazi like at all.

  2. The reason why its also a reference to the Ghost Writer, is because the Ghost Writer usually takes his 9 year old niece to KFC for lunch every Saturday, after taking her swimming. He does this, because kids of such an age are usually very fussy about what they eat when they are out and about. No Nazi'ism involved, just slanderous smear by the entertainment industry.