Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sex Pistols - Something Else

Fantastic Sex Pistols 45 sleeve.

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  1. very interesting that certain commercial punk "rock-stars" used swastika's as their symbol. Although the original punks claimed that it was to shock rather than to be a symbol associated with nazi-ism. It is interesting how punk ethics undermined the christian ethics that the nazi's so dismissed and promoted ethics that they approved of such as stealing (all property is theft), lying and violence.
    I also speculate that a number of "punks" also practiced the ever so popular ritual practice of Black Magick, although that may just be a music industry thing promoted by predecessors. I also wonder, if genuine punks weren't nazi's, they may still have achieved the desired results which the Neo-Nazi's were aiming for, well at least the first stages.
    A society made up of people who hate spirituality and God, who lie and steal, who are violent, and who have no respect for anyone but themselves and their own little click. I guess you could say that Punk ethics in some ways made way for the super materialistic vision of Hip Hop. But perhaps I am wrong. Funny the old saying, all property is theft, as not one of the Punk Rock stars nor those who claim to be neo-punks of today, are so keen to share too much. Much in the way that left socialist punk comedians and other entertainers are happy to preach but for a price and one that they don't share, and will kill for to keep in the race. I guess most people of full of it really. never mind.