Thursday, February 24, 2011

Swastika Pastries 卍

Swastika Pastries, originally uploaded by jamtree.

Just so you know, another goal of the Daily Hitler, outside of exploring Hitler & the NAZIs are pop culture characters, is the liberation of the swastika. Yes it is instantly recognizable to Westerners as the NAZI symbol, however, the NAZIs are a small blip on the historical map compared to the swastika's use in religions like Hiduism, Buddhism & Jainism & as a symbol of luck & good fortune in pretty much every culture. Even as the NAZIs used the swastika, it didn't stand for "hate" or "evil", it stood for the idea that the Aryans came from India & were thus represented by this very Indian symbol, which they decided was the symbol of the German race.

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