Friday, March 4, 2011

ADL Declares "Japanese Good Luck Symbol Offensive to Jews"

In yet another example of the Anti-Defamation League's bizarre obsession with the Swastika, Nintendo has agreed to withdraw a Pokemon Trading card that bears a clock wise swastika. The Jewish Lobby declared that the card shows "insensativity to the feeling of Jews". All The ADL has succeeded in doing is furthering the exposure of the Swastika. As a result of the ADL action, the Swastika Pokemon Card will be most highly sought after card in America. Every child will want the banned card for their collection. In all probability, the symbol on the card would have gone unnoticed by most children. Now a whole generation of our nations youth will be made aware of the swastika. Expect the swastika to show up on notebooks and desks at a school near you. In trying to supress a harmless symbol, the ADL has once again increased the allure and interest in Humanities oldest symbol. I guess we should say, thanks ADL, for aiding us in our mission to increase awareness of this Holy Symbol.
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  1. Here in Munich, one can find the swastika on GOVERNMENT buildings still and yet its use is banned, in any way (even for anti-fascist groups), under the most strident of laws: