Monday, March 7, 2011

Swastika Gullvagn

From the Swastika Blog.
This message From Erik about the foto i got: "Hi from Sweden! Sending a contribution of swastika in swedish traditional food. This is a picture of a traditional swedish Yuletide
(christmas) bread. This bread is baked symbolising the revolving of the solar year and
celebrating midwinter and the return of the sun. This celebration stems from prechristian times when Sweden had traditional religion that was polytheistic. The shape of this bread is named GULLVAGN meaning wagon of gold or goldwagon. It is a type of sunwheel. The type of bread is called LUSSEKATT, is baked with saffron for taste and yellow colour. It comes in many other shapes as well, but this is one of the more common ones."

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