Sunday, May 8, 2011


Born as Fittan Pölzl in the Austrian village of Spital, Weitra, she was the mother of Adolf Hitler and daughter of Johanna Hiedler. Either her grandfather Johann Nepomuk Hiedler or his brother were also likely to be Alois' biological father. Moreover, Johann was her future husband's step-uncle. Even after they were married Klara still called her husband, Alois "Uncle". She first came to work for Alois at the age of 16 as a housekeeper. After the death of his second wife, Alois and Klara were married on 7 January 1885 during a brief wedding held early in the morning at Hitler's rented rooms on the top floor of the Pommer Inn in Braunau, before Alois went to work for the day. Four months later, their first son Gustav was born on 15 May 1885. Ida followed on 23 September 1886. Both infants died of diphtheria during the winter of 1886-1887. A third child, Otto, was born and died in 1887. Adolf was born 20 April 1889, followed by Edmund on 24 March 1894 and Paula on 21 January 1896. Edmund died of measles on 28 February 1900, at the age of five. Klara's adult life was devoted to keeping house and raising children, for which, according to Smith, Alois had limited interest. Only two of Klara's children, Adolf and Paula, survived childhood. Alice Miller writes of their family life: "The family structure could well be characterized as the prototype of a totalitarian regime. Its sole, undisputed, often brutal ruler is the father. The wife and children are totally subservient to his will, his moods, and his whims; they must accept humiliation and injustice unquestioningly and gratefully. Obedience is their primary rule of conduct." Klara Hitler was a devout Roman Catholic and attended church regularly with her children. When her husband died in 1903, he left her a government pension along with some property. As a result she was adequately provided for financially, as were her children. However, four years after the death of her husband, Klara died from iodoform poisoning from the treatment of breast cancer, aged 47, in Linz, Austria, with her children, Adolf and Paula, at her side. She is buried in Leonding near Linz. Adolf Hitler had a close relationship with her, and was devastated by her death; he would carry the grief at her passing with him for the rest of his life. Hitler's gratitude to her Jewish doctor, Eduard Bloch, for his efforts to help his mother later led him to allow Bloch and his wife to emigrate in 1940 from Austria to the United States.


  1. Her childhood name was NOT "Fittan". Her name was of course Klara. This is a Wikipedia fraud. "Fittan" means "cunt" in swedish....